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Safety Precautions While Carrying out Elevator Maintenance

1. Switch off the main power breaker from MSB (Main Switch board). Ensure it has been locked by Lock Out Tag out arrangement provided on the vessel.

2. Minimum two nos. emergency stops of the lift to be activated. (One in lift itself, One in Lift control Room).

3. Shut down the power breaker of elevator from the electrical panel in Elevator control room.

4. Take out all control supply fuses.

5. Lock the Elevator control room. Key to be only with the electrical officer.

6. If it is multi key lock then all keys to be collected by electrical officer and be kept in his custody only till completion of job.

7. Keep emergency escape door open for the Elevator at ceiling of the lift. Once this door is opened the limit switch operates and Elevator cannot be started.

8. Bottom floor where the Elevator end, keep the Elevator door open. Make a barrier at entrance to prevent any accidental fall. Elevator cannot be started if any of the Elevator door is kept open.

9. Use proper PPE & Safety harness while working on Elevator.

10. Static charges might be present in Elevator wires. Same to be released prior carrying out Elevator maintenance.

11. Keep one person standby with walkie talkie in touch with Bridge - duty officer while working on the elevator.

12. Company SMS checklist to be filled and followed prior working on elevator.

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